Spring Small Groups

Cambria University

Spring Semester: Sign up sheets for the classes are in the hall outside the sanctuary

Small Group Discipleship Training Classes start February 15, 2015


When God’s People Pray                                                                                                    

Facilitator: Wayne Booth                

  Sunday, 5:00P.M.                                             

Jim Cymbala, Author.   6 Sessions

Prayer can change lives and circumstances like nothing else can. What are the keys that unlock its power, that turn prayer from a mere activity into avital link with God and all his resources?

Loved by God

Facilitator: Debbie Simpkins                                            

Wednesday, 10:00A.M.  

Liz Curtis Higgs, Author.   7 Sessions                                                   

This ladies’ study illustrates how God’s plans for us are bigger than we imagine and that His love for us knows no bounds. We will be studying, in Genesis, the lives of Jacob and Esau, Leah and Rachel.

Honor Begins at Home

Facilitator:  Rev. Keith Crowgey                                               

 Sunday, 5:00P.M.

Michael Catt, Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, Authors.   8 Sessions

God’s Word calls us to be strong and courageous for the sake of our faith and our families.  This walk starts at home.  This study helps men and women of all ages prepare to leave a strong legacy of faithfulness.

Wandering Shepherds                                          

Sunday, 6:00P.M

Facilitators: Rev. Fred Brugger, Rev. Olen Gardner, Dr. Dave Holladay

Various studies on the End Times, Themes in the Bible, and Current Issues

Hallelujah Diet

Facilator: Connie Moore                                                           

  Sunday, 5:00P.M.

Rev. George Malkmus, Lit. D., Author.   4 sessions

Begin your journey for improved health and disease prevention.  This information will help you address nutritional deficiency and toxicity.  You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel with simple changes in diet and habits.  You may even be inspired to take the next step on your journey to a healthy, new lifestyle.  The Hallelujah Diet isn’t simply about correcting poor health, it’s about putting your body into its best possible state, AT ANY AGE, so that poor health isn’t even an issue.  Rev. George Malkmus will amaze and inspire you.  Come be inspired and learn more about your “miraculous, God-given, self-healing body.”