Mission, Vision, and Values

Cambria Baptist Church

Our Mission
To connect a real God to real people (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our Vision
We envision Cambria Baptist Church as a lighthouse in our community where the light of Christ beckons the lost to enter, empowers the believer, and is dispersed to all parts of the world through Missions opportunities.

Our Values
The love of God given to us in Jesus Christ whom we worship; worship that involves Biblical preaching, prayer, music, praise, and fellowship that leads to service; service that involves taking Christ to the people who need Him through ministries, evangelism, and discipleship; discipleship that involves equipping people to successfully live the Christian life that continues our heritage; our heritage as a Southern Baptist church and our history of cooperative support of local, state, national, and worldwide missions.

Our Affiliations
Western Blue Ridge Baptist Network
Baptist General Association of Virginia
Southern Baptist Convention